Doctoral Studies

Soon after starting teaching in Moscow, I was asked by some of my brightest students to write them recommendation letters for PhD Programs at top Universities all over the US and Western Europe - but not for Germany or Berlin.

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It was easy to see why: At Humboldt University doctoral research was done in the traditional German way. You worked for a particular professor as an employee of the University. There was no structured post graduate training and the available job offers were advertised in the German newspaper "Die Zeit" - not exactly popular among graduates in Russia.

During my visits to Berlin I initiated a discussion among colleagues. The aim was to establish a clear access road for talent to our system and to improve the quality of doctoral education. It was obvious that Berlin offered a huge potential for doctoral education and research. At the same time, every single university lacked critical mass to compete with internationally renowned programs. So the challenge was to create a joint program, and to ensure support from all outstanding scholars in the city.

In 2003 we established the Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science (BDPEMS). It is organized as a cooperative project with participation of leading researchers from all major universities and research institutions in Berlin to ensure quality and international competitiveness. Besides from Humboldt University faculty is from Free University and Technical University, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), International Science Center (WZB) and European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

If you are interested in serious research and plan to build an academic career, I recommend you to apply for this program. As a rule, I will not supervise doctoral research unless you enroll in BDPEMS and achieve an average of good or better in the core courses during the first year.

For more information structure, faculty and research opportunities visit: Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics & Management Science (BDPEMS).