Keep in Touch. We want to keep in touch with the alumni of our exchange programs. It is important for us to follow up on the developments of all the students who decided to spend part of their academic education on the other side of the east-west divide. The alumni activities also provide opportunities for the exchange of information and the encouragement for those contemplating such a move. Through regular events, mainly in Moscow and Berlin, we hope to strengthen our network of exchange opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Join the network! We need your help in maintaining contact. Please create an account on this site if you do not already have one. After you receive your password you can upload a picture and provide us with some additional information, such as those displayed below. Please come back to this page and sign up as an alumni.

Track our Alumni. For an almost complete record of all our alumni [ click here ] .

Related Networks. While we like to keep direct contact through this site, we also encourage you to check out the larger alumni networks of the School of Business and Economics: WIWEX, and Stay in touch - Das Alumni-Programm der Humboldt-Universität.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to join Dialog e.V. ( диалог+ ), an organization of German and Russian Economists (not exclusively), which has active regional groups in various German and Russian University cities.

Below you see the latest additions to our alumni network. It is interesting to see where they are and what they are doing now .. [ more ]

Sergey-Nasekin's picture
Sergey Nasekin
Intake: 2012

Anastasia.Lomakina's picture
Anastasia Lomakina
Intake: 2013

Ksenia.Ragulina's picture
Ksenia Ragulina
Intake: 2013

Olesya.Evseeva's picture
Olesya Evseeva
Intake: 2013