на восток - eastward

Network: Over the years we have established a network of exchange opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus, which provides excellent opportunities for studying in the east. Spending a term or a year at our partner institutions will be a tremendous personal experience, enhance your professional qualification, and improve your language skills. It will also develop your understanding for a region, which is set to become much more important for Germany in the future.

The network includes:
The State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow (HSE)
By far the largest partner. Intensive exchange since 2001 in both directions. We have sent students at bachelor and master level, with good results.
Recommended: bachelor and master; economics, law, management, and other social sciences.
Urals Federal University (UFU) in Yekaterinburg
We have received several students and send one.
Recommended: bachelor and master; economics.
Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) in Almaty, Kazakhstan
We have received students, but no experience with sending students.
Recommended: bachelor and master; finance, accounting, management.
International School of Economics at Tbilisi (ISET), Georgia
No experience with sending or receiving students so far.
: master; economics.

All partners offer a modern, western stile, economic education. Teaching at KIMEP and ISET is in English, at USU it is in Russian and at HSE you will find both, courses in Russian and in English. In any case, you will need to speak Russian to survive outside of the university (of course, in Tbilisi Georgian will do as well and in Almaty Kazakh).

Application: For the application you will need the following documents:

  1. A CV + foto (up to 200x200 pixel)
  2. Recent transcript of grades and certificate of previous degree
  3. Letter of application and motivation, usually 1-2 page (where to go, for how long, research and study interest etc.)
  4. Some documentation/proof of language proficiency
All documents have to be in English. Selection is made at the international office at Humboldt University and has to be approved by the receiving university (in the past, we were able to send all qualified applicants). After being selected by the int. office you will be referred to the receiving university, which may ask for additional documents.
details for HSE, Moscow

Contact: Eva Beermann (international at hu-berlin.de)

Fortunately, our partners are quite flexible. Nevertheless we recommend to contact the int. office well in advance of your planned exchange. You should apply for
leaving in fall (September 1.) by April 30,
leaving in spring (February1.) by November 30.
As the semester schedules differ from Berlin, it is much more convenient to leave in fall!

Student experience. Some of the students having completed their exchange project share their experience with you in reports.

Philipp's picture
Philipp Jackmuth
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2014

KonstantinSchroeter's picture
Konstantin Schroeter
to: Kimep, Almaty / Kazhkstan; in: 2013

thijsbenschop's picture
Thijs Benschop
to: Ural State University, Yekatarinburg; in: 2011

julia_s's picture
Julia Seitz
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2011

Sabrina Hahm's picture
Sabrina Hahm
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2010

veit.nickel's picture
Veit Nickel
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2010

oleg.singer's picture
Oleg Singer
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2010

gregorsemieniuk's picture
Gregor Semieniuk
to: Higher School of Economics, Moscow; in: 2009