The chair for Management Science was established in 2000 with the help of a generous grant from the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation and with support of the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft. The aim was to develop closer cooperation in teaching and research in the fields of economics and management between Berlin and Moscow.

Our main partner in Russia is the State University - Higher School of Economics (HSE). This University was founded in 1992 in order to offer a modern economic education according to international standards. Since then, it has establishing departments in management, law, political science and others. Today it is the leading university of Russia in economics and social sciences.

In cooperation with the HSE we offer a dual degree program and organize scientific events such as the European Seminar on Natural Gas or the 32nd annual meeting of the European Finance Association.

Dual degree HSE-HUB. Since 2003 we offer a dual degree master program in cooperation Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Students spend the first year in Moscow and the second in Berlin. In the past, participants have been very succesfull in finding positions in the consulting, financial services, and academic research. Recently other universities have been added to the program.[more]

на запад - westward. We offer many opportunities for students and academics from Russia and Central Asia to pursue their interests in Berlin. Besides strucutred dual degree programs, we receive students, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers on an individual basis under various exchange programs. [more]

на восток - eastward. An increasing number of students use our network to go east. Russia and Central Asia are regions, which provide vast opportunities. Spending a term or a year at our partner institutions will be a tremendous personal experience and enhance your professional qualification. [more]

Alumni. Through regular gatherings in Berlin and in Moscow we have built an alumni-network. It also helps the new students to plan their studies and the first steps of the career. [more]