State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow

The State University - Higher School of Economics (HSE) was founded in 1992 in order to offer a modern economic education according to international standards. Since then, it has established departments in management, law, political science, sociology, informatics etc. In cooperation with major European universities such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Sorbonne in Paris, and the London School of Economics, it quickly established itself as the leading university in Russia in the fields of Economics, Management and Political Science.


The economics department of HSE is located in the center of Moscow and HSE has branches in St. Peterburg, Nishny Novgorod and Perm. After winning the Russian equivalent to our "competition for excellence", HSE became the "National Research University" in social sciences.

logo_HSE_3 Teaching Economics at HSE emphasizes quantitative methods in a similar fashion as at Humboldt University. Courses correspond to the quality standards of good western universities. Most of the teaching is in Russian, but recently the number of English courses has increased considerably.

In addition, HSE is politically well connected and you may get some first hand experience of economic transition by leading figures behind economic reforms in Russia. It is also a place where you can engage in vivid discussion on current economic issues.
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Cooperation and Exchange: Cooperation and student exchange between HSE and HUB started in late 2000. Since then we developed an intensive exchange of students and young scientists. We also organized a number of scientific events such as the European Seminar on Natural Gas or the 32nd annual meeting of the European Finance Association.

на запад. Most HSE students visit Berlin in the framework of our highly successful dual degree program. Every year we receive 6-15 students, who, upon finishing their studies, receive a MSc in Economics and Management Science from Humboldt University. Having degrees from two prestigious universities, these students had excellent opportunities in the labor market.

на восток. For German students, the economics department at HSE has become the prime destination in the east. Tuition fees are waived for our students and HSE has an (acceptable) student dormitory, which is off-campus but centrally located. We have made very good experiences with this exchange and sometimes students spontaneously decided to extend their stay abroad at HSE.

Moscow, a 10 million megalopolis, is the dynamic capital of the Russian Federation. It offers dozens of museums, theaters and concert halls. It is easy to reach with several direct daily flights to Berlin. Except for its notorious traffic, the city is much safer then media reports in the West suggest. However, life can be exhausting and you will learn to appreciate Berlin as a slow moving, quite, and nicely organized green village.