KIMEP, Almaty/Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research (KIMEP) was founded in 1992 in Kazakhstan's newly-independent (old) capital, Almaty. It offers undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Social Sciences (majors in Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, and Journalism). Graduate degrees offered include MBA's, MA's in Economics and MA's in International Relations. Most students are enrolled in finance & accounting while the economics department is comparatively smaller.

KIMEP-Logo The language of instruction at KIMEP is English and the majority of the faculty is from abroad with degrees earned at Western Universities. Outside the university you will need Russian or Kazakh (a turk-language) to survive. KIMEP has a modern library and a student dormitory on campus.

Almaty is a pleasant multi-ethnic city located at the foot of the Tian Shin mountain range. It is the largest city in the region and has all the amenities of a capital. A 30 minutes ride with a public bus leaving at the corner of KIMEPs' campus towards the south brings you right into alpine mountains. Another 20 minutes by taxi and you are in the ski resort. In case you don't like mountains (or people), head north into the vast plains of the steppe.