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Courses at HU

Network based Energy Systems

Lecture/Tutorials: 6 ECTS, master & bachelor students

Market Power in Gas Networks

Seminar: 6 ETCS, master students

Electric Power Markets

Seminar: 6 ETCS, master students

Research Seminar: Electricity Markets

Seminar: 0 ECTS, doctoral and master students

Financial Contracts

Lecture/Tutorials: 6 ECTS, doctoral and master students

Innovation and Property Rights

Lecture: 6 ECTS, master students

Microeconomics II (BDPEMS)

Lecture: doctoral students

Analysis of Competition

Lecture: 6 ECTS, master students

Writing a thesis

If you want to write your thesis at the chair, you have to sign up for the thesis seminar.

Writing a Thesis - Thesis Seminar

Seminar: 0 ECTS, students writing their thesis.

Studying the Economics of Climate Change and Energy in Berlin/Potsdam

There are many opportunities to study the economics and politics of climate change and energy in Berlin and Potsdam. Unfortunately, there is no coherent program on offer.

Lion Hirth has compiled a list of courses at different locations to help students interested in the topic to look beyond their own university (download below). In some cases the information may be outdated, so better check up.

It is advisable to contact the lecturer in advance, if you would like to participate in a course at another university.

Prof Edenhofer at TU and myself explicitly welcome students from other universities to our lectures. For seminars capacity constraints might bind.

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